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Logburners review of the Stovax Stockton 5

Here at Logburners, few stoves hold as much respect as the iconic Stockton series from industry giants Stovax. It is the undisputed best seller in the traditional line of stoves and with one look, it’s easy to see why.

Stovax Stockton 5 Eco Multifuel

Why we recommend:

1. Superb efficiency: This thing knows how to heat up your space without burning through all your firewood all while being Eco Design Ready. Efficient and eco-friendly – double win.

2. Looks to Kill: Stovax nailed it in the looks department. The Stockton 5 has that classic cast iron vibe with a big glass window that is easily suited to an old cottage or a modern house as centrepiece.

3. No Mess, No Stress: With the Stockton’s airwash system, cleaning your stove glass is a thing of the past. This stove has a traditional look while retaining modern advancements.

4. Simplicity as Standard: You don’t need a manual to figure this one out. Simple air controls mean you can tweak the heat just the way you want it, without over complicated functions.

Points to Keep in Mind:

1. Size Check: The Stockton series provides a diverse array of stoves in sizes to suit any room in any home.

2. Fuel of Choice: Perhaps wood isn’t your fuel of choice? Well the Stockton series also come in a multifuel option for the burning of smokeless fuels. Perhaps you love the look but dont have a chimney or are switching to a simpler heating system? Well the Stockton is also available through Gazco as an electric and gas based heating system.

It is easy to see why this series is so popular with our customers. It is a stove that excels due to its simple design and wide array of sizes and multiple fuel options. Stovax have found the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary with a stove that sits comfortably in either camp, while suffering no drawbacks for doing so.