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The Morso Brand Morso are a Danish brand established in 1853 by N.A Christensen and have been an iconic stove manufacturer since being granted the much coveted royal warrant as supplier to the Royal House of Denmark. Why do we love Morso as a brand?Morso stoves are a mark of

Introduction: The allure of a crackling wood burner is undeniable, especially during the colder months. Beyond the comforting glow, many wonder about the cost implications of running a wood burner. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the various factors that contribute to the expense of operating a wood burner

Here at Logburners, few stoves hold as much respect as the iconic Stockton series from industry giants Stovax. It is the undisputed best seller in the traditional line of stoves and with one look, it’s easy to see why. Why we recommend:1. Superb efficiency: This thing knows how to heat