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Welcoming the latest stoves to our selection

The Morso Brand

Morso are a Danish brand established in 1853 by N.A Christensen and have been an iconic stove manufacturer since being granted the much coveted royal warrant as supplier to the Royal House of Denmark.

Why do we love Morso as a brand?

Morso stoves are a mark of high quality work. The design is smooth and timeless, being a subtle blend of the traditional work of cast iron to bold new contemporary lines. They are equally as well adapted to country cottages or new build houses.
The build quality of a Morso product is unmatched in quality and can be seen all over the product. Cast iron is used in the full construction and not just in the “on display” areas. The confidence in the quality of their product is so high in fact that they offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on all stoves.

Key features

  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Several options within each series for height, fuel and bases
  • High number of Defra approved stoves
  • Ten year manufacturers warranty
  • High quality for affordable prices
Squirrel 1010 Long legs
Squirrel 1010 Long legs (150mm)

Firstly, the iconic stove of their selection is the squirrel (pictured here in the long leg variant) which is a traditional styled stove available as a wood and multifuel option at 4.5Kw and 5Kw and additionally as a convection heat model. The design of this stove is timeless with a solid cast iron body, 5” top or rear flue exit, simple air controls and 3 leg lengths to further help it suit any home. It is an incredibly good value stove for its price and provides a lot of bang for your buck. We recommend this stove for small to medium sized rooms.

The badger series is a more contemporary take on the humble stove while still providing the variety of fuels, leg sizes and a convection model. They have a sleek rounded design to profile, distancing themselves from the traditional style as well as ribbed sides making them look thoroughly unique. This is a 5kw stove so again, very suitable for small to medium sized rooms.
The Badger range can be found here

Badger 3142 Convection model
Badger 3142 Convection model
Morso 7400 series

Morso 7400 Series

If you don’t already have a chimney in your home and are looking to use a twin wall system with a freestanding stove, Morso have you covered with a fantastic range of standing cylinder stoves. These can be found in the 6100, 6800, 7400, 7900 series and the 8643. We will be focusing on the 7400 series here, a 4.3kw output cylinder stove with options to be hung from a wall, sat on a large base, pedestal or with a log store. The 7400 series is a modern wood burner with a generous viewing window, as well as side windows for a magnificent 180-degree view of the flames, making it suitable as a centrepiece to your home. This is an A* rated efficiency stove and Defra approved making it suitable if you’re living in a smoke free zone.

The full range of stoves can be found here, as always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us and one of our sales team will be happy to help